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Experience #2


Spanish Cuisine course

It is a total immersion in the wonderful world of Spanish Cuisine; to learn from all it’s entirety and its long tradition.

You will learn how to prepare delicious dishes and manage with ease the precious ingredients that compose the Mediterranean diet. Either if you want to amaze your friends in your future dinner or to start a culinary-based business in Iberian cuisine, we guarantee that you will leave this course with a broad knowledge of one of the best cuisines in the world.

Cold tapas, hot tapas, meats, fish, stews, a wise combination of the secrets of the latest trends and fashions of the world of cooking. And of course, always accompanied by the great wines that flood this country.


1. Introduction and explanation of the Spanish Cuisine, more specifically focused on Andalusia and its raw materials.
2. Technical Explanation and preparation of several recipes for cold tapas, presentation and tasting of wines to accompany the dishes.
3. Technical Explanation and preparation of several hot tapas, accompanied presentation and tasting of the wines to accompany the dishes.
4. Technical explanation and preparation of meats and fish dishes, presentation and wine tasting.
5. Technical Explanation and preparation of traditional dishes, tasting of wines to accompany the dishes.
6. Final tapas tour through the most representative local bars to live a real spanish Experience

NOTE: For the safe development of the course it is important that the student noitifies the school in case of any allergies prior to the starting date

Course Monitor

Nieves De Cesteur Atienza

Nieves De Cesteur Atienza
Nieves has made her dream a reality, opening this magnificent cooking workshop to give you the opportunity to live this delicious Experience.
She is an amazing chef and she will make you feel like you're at home, while teaching all the secrets of spanish cuisine at her beautiful cooking school. 
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18 -20 HOURS (3/4H a day)


Monday through Friday from 5 to 8 pm approximately


All food and beverages included, comfortable clothes are recommended


All levels of courses are available, from beginner to advanced

Price for the experience

Price per week per person.
(TAX Included)


* prices in low season