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Experience #3

SURF (Conil)

Surf course

The ocean’s smell permeates the air while the sun’s heat warms our skin. The waves revolutionize this sense of peace giving it a wildness that makes us only desire one thing: to dominate them.
Our Surf course will enable you to discover how to fight against the elements of nature that surround us and to bestride the Atlantic masterfully.
Learn how to ride the waves and sense the feeling of absolute freedom, possibly one of the most intense experiences in your life. We consider sports as the ally of any human being for a balanced and harmonious life, that’s why we include it as a learning and local cultural experience.  
The sea is the pulsing heart that moves life in the Costa de la Luz, Andalusia.


1. Dressing area briefing
2. Warming up
3. Basic surf safety measures
4. Surf general techniques theory
5. Stand-up technique practice on the ground
6. Paddle technique practice on the ground
7. Assisted paddle and stand-up techniques in the water
Accidental insurance coverage during the course hours

NOTE: If due to weather conditions it is not possible to complete the course, Gondwana will give you an alternative option of a different activity, otherwise a portion of the class will be refunded.

Course Monitor

Carlos Andrade Leal

Carlos Andrade Leal
Carlos is a very experimented surfer and teacher, he guarantees a lot fun and adrenaline and overall under total security. He is in love with all sea sports and he is a great musician as well. 
Freedom and happiness are always present during his courses, he will make you live the real surfer life!
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7.5 HOURS (1.5H a day)


Monday through Friday, from 4 to 5.30 pm (depending on the weather conditions and the season)


Normal swimsuits


All levels of courses are available, from beginners to advanced

Price for the experience

Price per week per person.
(TAX Included)


* prices in low season