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Experience #4


Flamenco Dancing course

Possibly the most important cultural element of this country and of its history.
Little more can be added on the Flamenco dancing that is not known.The dance that has blown Spain to the world, giving rhythm to millions of enthusiasts throughout the world. 
Deep and well-marked notes, mixed with the emotions of our artists and the strength of their 
footwork create the perfect outfit to live a really unique experience.

This course is especially designed for dance lovers and for everyone who wants to merge with this ancient and beautiful art. It gives you a real opportunity to bring a piece of this land in your heart forever.


1. In the beginner level anyone who would like to come and learn the interesting culture of flamenco can register. As well as the other levels, there are also little footwork techniques, arm movements, and a simple choreography that anyone can perform without the need to having any past knowledge. 
2. In the intermediate and advanced levels you begin with a half hour of technique for footwork and arm movements in order to connect with your own bodies and use its full expression. In the remainder of the class, the established choreography is mounted.  
3. Accidental Insurance coverage during the class hours 
4. Final show

Course Monitor

Milagros, Ana and Cristina

Milagros, Ana and Cristina
Milagros, Ana and Cristina are some of the most experimented Flamenco dancers and teacher of the region. They have travelled all around the world to show to the people this incredible style and are the perfect team to make this course unforgettable. They are waiting for you to share all their knowledge and to make you live this unique and traditional art in the heart of its origin.
They always say: " we want to die dancing"

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10 HOURS (2H a day)


Monday through Friday, usually from 3 to 5 pm. Depending on the season


Flamenco shoes and a long and comfortable skirt are recommended.


All levels of courses are available, from beginner to advanced

Price for the experience

Price per week per person.
(TAX Included)


* prices in low season