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Experience #6

KITE SURF (Tarifa)

Kite Surf course

Air and sea are elements that have always attracted human beings, as well as navigate and control the wind have always been some of our most desired dreams.Thanks to this instinct of merging with nature, human beings created the perfect activity for this, the Kite Surf. Only few experiences can provide more adrenaline, especially if done in the temple of this sport, Tarifa.  


1. In the sand: Safety, Theory, Equipment and Exercises with the kite. Objective: to fly the kite smoothly up and land with assistance, controlling and directing the kite.       
2. In the water: Learn "body drag" technique (using kite power to drag the body through the water without the board).
Objective: handle the kite confidently in the water, flying the kite in all wind window areas; maintain power and speed until the participant can glide through the water, with one hand. 
3. Board and kite combined, how to get out of the water, theory and practice on the water (performed in pairs).
4. Accidenatal coverage insurance during course hours

NOTE: If due to weather conditions it is not possible to complete the course, Gondwana will give you an alternative option of a different activity, otherwise a portion of the class will be refunded. 

Course Monitor

Daniele Olivieri

Daniele Olivieri
Daniele is the most important local Kitesurfing teacher and his school is the most renowned in Tarifa, and it is the official IKO partner as well. He designed this special course for Gondwana Community students to offer the best option to live an incredible Wind Riding Experience.
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15 HOURS (3H a day)


Monday through Friday, 4 to 6 pm (depending on the weather conditions and the season)


Tarifa, Cádiz


Beach wear


All levels of courses are available, from beginner to advanced

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Price per week per person.
(TAX Included)


* prices in low season