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Experience #8


Cetaceans Watching Guide course

A spot of the world always considered as the human being limits and infested by ferocious creatures, it is now the getaway to the rest of the world and these magnificents animals are a big part of it.

During the Whale Watching Guide course, marine biologists will introduce you to all the theoretical and practical notions about these magnificent mammals and fishes. 
You will make four trips out to sea to watch whales *, Dolphins, Killer Whales and Wild Bluefin Tuna.
At the end of the course you will also been given an official certificate which will allow you to work as a group of marine Exploration Guide. 

* Depending on the time of the year.

This Course includes:

1- 20 hours in total (4 hours per day), of which 12 hours of theory and 8 hours in the sea (4 of approximately 2 hours)

2- All lectures will be held at the Center for Cetacean Interpretation Tarifa ·      
3- Accident Insurance throughout the Course
4- Participant Handout: notebook / notepad, pens and informative documentation on the proposed agenda for the course.

5- Laptops for data collection      
6- GPS data collection
7- Camera Canon EOS 350D and EOS 7D for photo-identification
8- Diploma signed by the speakers and title of WHALE WATCHING INSTRUCTOR.    


1. Meteorological, Geological, Oceanographic and Cultural characteristics of the Strait of Gibraltar
2. General Biology of Cetaceans
General Biology of Other Species of
4. Collection of Scientific Data
5. Interpretational Techniques y Group Dynamics
6. Identification Techniques for Cetaceans
7. Legislation on Whale Watching
8. Environmental Education
9. Legislation on Whale Watching
First Aid and Safety
11. Training and navigating boat trips from Tarifa and whale watching in the Strait of Gibraltar

NOTE: If due to weather conditions it is not possible to complete the course, Gondwana will give you an alternative option of a different activity, otherwise a portion of the class will be refunded.

Course Monitor

Ezequiel Andreu Cazalla

Ezequiel Andreu Cazalla
Ezequiel is one of our monitors, he is a very experimented and enthusiastic teacher and is familiar with working with people from all around the world. 
He has been involved in many environmental projects such as helping spread the education of maintaining the ocean clean and the protection of cetaceans.

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20 HOURS (4H a day)


Monday through friday, from 3 to 7 pm (depending on the season and on the weather conditions)


Tarifa, Cádiz


Not required


comfortable clothes are recommended

Price for the experience

Price per week per person.
(TAX Included)


* prices in low season