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The First International Languages and Cultures Travellers Community!

Gondwana Community is a worldwide network of people who interpret the deep understanding of languages and cultures as a means of personal and professional growth, wanting to learn from the different environments that our planet has to offer.

We are all aware that the fear of the unknown creates rejection and a wide separation, limiting human development at the same time. We also perceive that sharing information and a unity between different societies are one of the main tools to improve our coexistence.

At GONDWANA we firmly believe in the power of communication as an instrument to unify cultures and the world, and our name is a clear proof of that.

We present a new and unique way to form and become a more experienced person to face and understand the demanding world of today and always.

What Do We Do

GONDWANA COMMUNITY is a meeting point for travellers who not only wish to learn languages, but also wish to have a full cultural immersion into another country. We believe in enhancing awareness of the diverse cultures that exist on our planet through unique life experiences, exciting adventures and stimulating activities.

We organize overseas study packages which include language courses combined with tailored experiences that each student can choose according to their interests and concerns. Your Gondwana Experience will be engraved on your mind as a unique and eternal memory.

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“These experiences will allow each of our students to create values and promote their personal and professional growth”.

Our goal is to promote language learning and the exchange of experiences between different cultures as both a teaching and personal development tool.

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We only work with the best companies to provide you the highest level of services.

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What is Gondwana?

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